AbbyJenn handles everything for you…


AbbyJenn will be your personalized billing company who you can depend on to increase your revenues and maximize your goals.

✔ Knowledge and expertise in billing

✔ Eliminate overhead and reduced expenses

✔ Expedited payments

✔ Increased productivity

✔ No staff turn-over

✔ Personalized individual attention

✔ Ability to discover Lost Revenue

✔ HIPAA Compliant

✔ Increased Accuracy


Insurance Reimbursement Management

AbbyJenn provides an online reconciliation program in order to simplify payment remittance, ensure accuracy in accounts receivable reporting, and eliminate paper remittances and checks.


AbbyJenn Software

✔ Third Party, Cash, and Workers’

Comp dispensing

✔ NCPDP Approved allowing for contracts with 100’s of Third Parties

✔ Fully HIPAA Compliant

✔ Web Based

✔ User Friendly

✔ Real Time Claim Adjudication

✔ Proprietary Software


Completion and Submission of all Credentialing and Third Party Enrollments

Our enrollment team will assist your practice in completing and submitting all necessary documents in order to ensure that the physicians are properly credentialed and contracted with the third parties. No other dispensing company offers this critical service, which insures strict federal and state compliance, so that you can successfully dispense and start generating revenues quickly.


Insurance, Cash, and Workers’ Comp Claim Adjudications

Our dispensing software allows processing a patient’s prescription through their health insurance. AbbyJenn ensures immediate claim adjudications and practice reimbursements in order to maximize revenue generation.


Formulary Establishment

AbbyJenn will work with your practice to develop a custom formulary in order to satisfy each individual patient’s needs, maximize revenue, and maintain compliance.


Inventory Management

Our AbbyJenn Software maintains a

complete custom tailored inventory management system, tracking medication and providing a warning when inventory levels are low.


24 Hour Access to Dispensing Reports

Our AbbyJenn Software is web based and enables 24 hour access to system reports such as finances, inventory, patients, and daily dispense logs. This gives you the ability to monitor inventory and track sales and income.


Live Customer Service and On-Site Support Training

Initial site set up, on-site training, and on-going customer support ensures a smooth dispensing process. Our AbbyJenn Software offers a Help Desk feature, making it easy to report problems regarding issues such as software and claim processing errors facilitating quick resolutions.


Compliance Training

AbbyJenns offers compliance training programs tailored to your practice



Your patients will appreciate the reduced time and hassle to get prescriptions filled. You’ll appreciate the added revenue!

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