What if you kept the profits on all dispensed prescriptions? With Abby Jenn, you can!

AbbyJenn offers compliance training programs for practitioners. The AbbyJenn Program seamlessly integrates and streamlines pharmaceutical programs into the practitioner's practice.

Our in-office medication dispensing program is a turn-key solution that allows practitioners to fill the prescriptions they write. Physicians can now bring in additional revenue with little effort because AbbyJenn does most of the work on the backend. We handle all aspects of the program, from billing, insurance adjudication, auto ordering of ingredients, customer service, and assisting physicians on staying current on rules and regulations.

Our in-office physician dispensing creates a revenue stream for the practice, maintains patient privacy, provides convenience for patients, and enhances medication compliance. The best part is your practice keeps the profits generated with each prescription. Minimal space is needed for the physician-dispensing program since only a small inventory of medication is maintained in-office. The practitioner's office prescribes, compounds, and dispenses the medication and AbbyJenn assists with processing patients prescription insurance. Our proprietary software adjudicates insurance claims for the prescriptions immediately, resulting in more timely insurance payments to the practice. AbbyJenn makes it easy.

Our personnel file the paperwork to establish the physician-dispensing program as well as the insurance contracts to enable insurance reimbursements. AbbyJenn works with the practice to establish the physical location, and provide ongoing information and support to the physicians as needed. Your office can "Go Live" and begin filling prescriptions in 90 days or less, and the setup is easy and streamlined. AbbyJenn generates the needed income to replace the continued erosion of declining insurance reimbursements and offset increasing overhead. Now is the time to bring in additional revenue, and a service that is beneficial for your practice and for your patients! For more information, call 508-281-1733 or 1-877-660-9281.

Now with AbbyJenn, it’s time you start keeping the profits in your practice! For more information, call

1-877-660-9281 or info@AbbyJenn.com.

Benefits For You and
Your Practice

✔ Minimal start-up costs for practice

✔ Implementation in 90 days or less

✔ Substantial additional practice income

✔ Reduced staff workload

✔ Proven results

✔ Full software and program support

✔ Easy set up

✔ Patient convenience

✔ Patient loyalty

✔ Keep all profits in your practice

✔ Reduced pharmacy call back time

✔ Deliver additional quality care

✔ No pharmacist required

Benefits For
Your Patients

✔ Reduced time and hassle to get prescriptions filled

✔ No additional cost

✔ Increased patient compliance, which can lead to better outcomes

✔ Convenient for patients with disabilities

✔ Convenience, patients have the option to receive their medications from your office or the option to go to their pharmacy

For more information, call 1-877-660-9281 or info@AbbyJenn.com

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