Welcome to Abby Jenn!

Let us show you how to dispense medications from your office quickly and easily! Imagine if your practice could easily fill prescriptions  without the need of a pharmacist, and keep all the profits in the practice? Imagine if this reduced the workload of your staff while providing patient convenience and loyalty at no additional cost? No need to imagine anymore. With AbbyJenn, this can all be implemented in 90 days or less with proven results!  For more information, read on or call 1-877-660-9281 or info@AbbyJenn.com.

Exceptional benefits for you & your patients

Your patients will appreciate the reduced time and hassle to get prescriptions filled. You’ll appreciate the added revenue!

We handle virtually everything for you!

AbbyJenn handles everything from Billing to Insurance Reimbursement Management to Inventory Management and everything in between.

Profits are kept in
your practice

AbbyJenn generates the needed income to replace the continued erosion of declining insurance reimbursements and offset increasing overhead.

For more information, call 1-877-660-9281 or info@AbbyJenn.com

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